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Our experience has led us to developing our own development feasibility and cashflow software to be capable of modelling both simple and complex development structures for accurate equity/debt modelling of projects without resorting to custom Excel models.

Explore our software to assist in property development outcomes, designed and delivered by industry experience.


Keep on track — allows development managers to easily track their budget vs. actual costs, automatically reforecast by importing actuals, highlight variances and give stakeholders a clearer picture on the project is progressing.

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Don't leave anything on the table — designed to enable property developers to identify the optimum product mix for the best project profit outcome at the very start of the feasibility analysis.

Save months of time

The design and feasibility process of property development can take months with many iterations and you still don't know if you have found the best case scenario.

Save thousands of dollars

The design process is expensive, so the better the brief the faster the final concept is developed.

Know that you've found the best product mix

Current methods have no way to calculate the optimum product mix and profit outcome for a development. BOTE calculates thousands of scenarios based on your individual site constraints and presents the best outcomes.

Know that you've maximised the project profit

Understand if your project is achieving maximum profit outcome, instead of jut revenue outcome, at every stage of your project. Don't leave anything on the table simply because the option hadn't been thought of.

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